Race from London to Istanbul

Get home from Dubai

London to Istanbul

Make your way across Europe

With 8 possible endings, travel the world with this fun travel game that can be played alone or against your friends!


Influencing in Dubai

I’m an Influencer, get me out of UAE!

With 10 possible endings, you’ve got 2 days to leave Dubai before the travel ban comes in. Play alone or against your friends!

Choose your own route

With the element of ‘choose your own adventure’, your decisions will directly impact your finishing position whether you’re playing against yourself or against your friends and family.

Expect to learn new languages, inspect hotel rooms, scout for clues on maps and get some travel inspiration on the way.

Begin your virtual journey straight away

You’ll be sent your link to the game immediately 

Your journey: London to Istanbul

Be you travelling from London to Istanbul on a budget, or trying to escape Dubai before the travel bans come in, here’s your chance to explore the world from the safety of your own home.

Play individually or compete in teams!

Dash alone or challenge friends and family to find  the best route and compete to see who can finish the activities in the quickest time! The perfect replacement for a group quiz.

Who made this?

I did! I’m Chelsea and I run CheapHolidayExpert.com and in lieu of helping people get away for cheap, I thought I’d create something for those of us who aren’t able to travel at the moment!

How does it work?

One Player/One Team

Play on your own or as a team on a single device on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Try and find the fastest route whilst solving tasks and learning about the destinations you’re travelling through.

With 8-10 different endings, you can play again to find a faster route!

Dash Across The Globe: Europe takes between 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.

Dash Across The Globe: Dubai takes between 30 – 45 minutes to complete.


Two or More Teams

Play against friends and family on separate devices – either a computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Simple: Who can choose the best route?
Timed: Who can complete the activity the quickest?
Competitive: Who can choose the best route AND complete the activity in the quickest time (this one gets fun!!)

Dash Across The Globe: Europe takes between 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.

Dash Across The Globe: Dubai takes between 30 – 45 minutes to complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dash Across The Globe is a virtual travel activity that requires you to follow the journey and complete tasks by methods such as watching videos, exploring maps and searching the internet for answers that will take you to the next stage of the trip. At certain points you’ll be asked to make a decision which will impact your budget and your final position – there are 8 possible endings! It’s a bit of fun but you may also accidentally learn something, or get some travel inspo on the way too…

Dash Across The Globe was created by me – Chelsea! I run a cheap holiday website and Instagram and have spent the last few months helping people rearrange their trips or get refund. So, I thought I’d make something that may allow them to dip back into travel, albeit virtually! It’s also a fun way that my followers can support me if they’ve found my work useful or even saved money thanks to it!

You’ll need to read the information on each page before either clicking ‘Next’ or completing a task. Tasks could be watching a video for clues, exploring a map, or simply searching the internet for the answer! At some points you will be asked to make a decision which will impact your onwards journey.

You can play with someone else using the same device or you can challenge others who can play on their own devices! There are three ways to play against others:

  • Simple: Hit play and see which position you end up in. Who can rank the highest?
  • Timed: Start the clock and it’s not about what route you take, it’s about who finishes the whole thing in the fastest time.
  • Competitive: Fancy more of a challenge? Compete to see who picks the quickest route AND who finishes it in the quickest time combined.

You’ll receive all the details about how to play each of these ways once you’ve purchased.

You can play along on either a computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Each work well in their own different ways and so if you have options, perhaps open up the activity on each of your devices to see which one you prefer. I personally like playing it on my laptop because I can easily search for answers in new tabs but then again, I do find playing videos is super easy on my phone!!

There are some videos you’re asked to play (to help you get a feel for the places you’re virtually visiting!) and whilst most questions ask for something visual, for some, you will need to listen out for answers. Therefore, you may want to either play the audio out loud or through headphones. If you’re not able to, or would rather not, you can find the answers for that particular section on the tips page.

Tips page: dashacrosstheglobe.com/tips

I’ve created a tips page that explains all the tasks and gives you the answers too. Of course, you’ll feel much better about yourself if you manage to complete it with no help! 

Tips page: dashacrosstheglobe.com/tips

There is no bad language in the activity itself but I do link to third party content which ultimately, I do not have control over. Also, there are a few references to alcohol throughout.

It all depends on how quick you are at working through the tasks!

For DATG Europe, those who have played it already have completed it in between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

For DATG Dubai, it’s shorter at around 30 – 45 minutes but there a lot more variables and so you’re much more likely to go back and try and find a different route!

Yes! Dash Across The Globe uses your internet connection to progress you through the activity. 

Nope! Dash Across The Globe uses a really simple setup – Google Forms – and so you’ll access it all through the browser on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. 

The link is just for your own use. If you want to recommend to a friend (thanks!) or play with others, they’ll have to make their own purchase.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Paypal and Apple Pay.

Access to Dash Across The Globe costs £4.99. 

Good question! I’ve just gone on unpaid leave from my day to day job to launch CheapHolidayExpert.com (why yes it’s absolutely the perfect time to launch a travel website… Haha!) and so any money raised from this will help me pay for running costs, pay others to help me grow my business and to allow me to be able to concentrate on helping people more of the time! So from me, thanks so much for giving Dash Across The Globe a go!