Can you beat your colleagues?

Who’s the best traveller at Sunbucks? Now’s the time we’ll finally find out…

Make sure you read the information below on how to play before we all hit go on Thursday 17th December at 5pm.

Don’t be late!

Welcome to the (virtual) trip of a lifetime!​

Before you rush off to embark on a Dash Across Europe, there's a few things you need to know to make your passage as smooth as possible.

You will need

What to expect

You’re on a journey between London and Istanbul, completing tasks to move you onto the next destination  

  • On this journey there will be certain points where you’ll be given a choice that will directly affect your budget and timings. There are 8 possible outcomes so make your choices wisely!

  • The costs tracked are for travel and accommodation only unless food, drink or activities make up an important part of the journey

  • There will be an opportunity to earn money once during your journey

  • As you pass through different countries, you will learn about each of them through text, video, maps and more so make sure you pay attention and get ready to answer some questions and complete tasks
  • Your in-game-self doesn’t have a phone or access to the internet – but real-life-you sat playing it does! If there’s a specific place to find the answer, links will be provided but you can make it even more fun by trying to find the internet to find the answers for yourself! 

  • Also, if there is no link, picture or video provided, it might be because you’ve already read the information on your journey – so you may need to go back to find it! 

  • All answers should be answered in lowercase only

What to avoid

  • Hitting back on your browser, hitting refresh or leaving the page open for long periods – you may find that you have to start that section again. To navigate, only use the ‘back’ and ‘next’ buttons that are shown at the bottom of the page

Having difficulty?

  • You can find a full explanation of all the answers and the answers themselves on the tips page:
  • As long as you can refrain from cheating, it may be worth having these open in another tab just in case you need it during the game
  • Can’t get something to work? Sorry to hear that! Shoot me an email on: [email protected]

How to play against your colleagues at Sunbucks

On Thursday 17th December at 5pm, you need to come back to this page and hit ‘Play now’.

You’ll then need to navigate your way through the game and hope that you choose the fastest route.

Make sure to follow the instructions at the end to prove to your colleagues what place you finished in!

It's time to play

Now you’ve got all the info you need, the only thing left to do is play.

Good luck on your journey!!

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