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The Start
Zero Gravity & Getting Tested

Choice One
Stay in the hotel
Go on a yacht

Choice Two
Order room service
Go out for dinner

Choice Three
Pack your bags
Go on a camel ride

The Start – Zero Gravity & Getting Tested

Remember to answer in digits only.

Dubai is 4 hours ahead of the UK and so 1PM in Dubai is 9AM in the UK. Therefore, there are 43 hours from that moment until the ban comes in on the next Friday at 4AM.

Answer: 43

Remember – Answer with the number rather than the name of the clinic

For this, you need to find an online map service – we used Google Maps – and find Zero Gravity Dubai which is located at:

Zero Gravity Dubai, Dubai Marina, Skydive Dubai Drop Zone – King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Next, you need to click on ‘Directions’ and put the 3 medical clinic addresses in. The closest medical clinic is the correct answer.

Media City Clinic is just 8.6km away and will only take 15 minutes by car.

In the list, look at what number has been assigned to Media City Clinic.

Answer: 2

Remember to answer in digits only, using a decimal point. E.g. AED 25.62 would be 25.62.

As shown in the picture above the question, the journey is 8.6km long. Therefore, you need to multiply 8.6 by the rate per kilometre which is AED 1.80.

8.6 x 1.8 = 15.48

You then need to add the base rate of AED 12

165.48+12 = 27.48

Answer: 27.48

Choice One – Stay in the hotel / Go on a yacht

Answer in lowercase only.

Read the government advice shown on the page – the line in bold will tell you the answer you need.

“You will need to present valid proof of your negative test before you travel to England”

Answer: yes

Remember to answer in lowercase!

This is one of the most famous buildings in Dubai so it shouldn’t take you long if you give it a google! 

If you’re struggling, try searching for ‘Dubai building’ or ‘7 star hotel dubai’ and it should come up.

Answer: burj al arab

Remember to answer in digits only. Don’t include the £ sign.

This is what Katie says to you :

“Hi babe! So the boat coast £2000 for the 2 hours and it was another £512 for all the booze. Oh and we wanted to tip the crew £200 too’

So you need to add up all the costs – £2000 for the boat, £512 for the booze and £200 for the crew. This totals to £2712. Now divide that cost by the 8 people on board.

Answer: 339

Choice Two - Order room service / Go out for dinner

Answer in digits only.

Take a look at the menu linked:

Look for the items you’ve ordered:

Trio of hummus – 50

Shrimp Kabsa – 85

Exotic Fruit Platter – 75

Total – 210

Then, you need to add 20% for the total cost.

20% of 210 is 42 and so the final cost is AED 252.

Answer: 252

Answer in digits only.

Watch the video provided:

Watch or click through the video – you’re looking out for a brown wooden table and chairs.

When you see it, you just need to count the amount of chairs around the table.

Hint – the table is outside on the patio!

Answer: 8

Remember to answer in lowercase only.

You need to find the menu for Nusr-Et online at 

If you look at the menu bar at the top, you just need to hit ‘menu’ and the menu will then appear. Scroll through and look for the ‘Beef fillet’ section. There you will see ‘TENDERLOIN WITH MUSTARD SAUCE’

Answer: mustard

Answer in lowercase

Watch the video linked:

Look for how Salt Bae serves the steak he cuts for his customer.

Answer: mouth

Choice Three - Pack your bags / Go on a camel ride

Answer in digits only.

You’re going live at 11AM in Dubai so you need to work out what the time difference is.

Google this and you’ll see that the UAE is 4 hours ahead of the UK.

Therefore, you just need to take 4 away from 11 which equals 7am.

Answer: 7

Remember to answer in lowercase only.

To discover the answer, you need to find the original workout on Instagram by clicking on:

Scroll down too the comments where the instructor takes you through all the moves.

The burpees are the first move.

Answer = chameleon

Answer in digits only.

To find the answer, you need to go to the link provided. 

Search for ‘Dubai: Morning Camel Trek’ and click on it once you’ve found the tour. Scroll through and look for how long it takes for you to get out to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Answer: 45

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