Your virtual Christmas Party, sorted.

Take your team on a
virtual holiday

Your team might be at home, but you can still treat them to something, and something different to another Zoom Quiz.

A race across the globe, and we can brand it up and tailor parts of the game to your own company. 

Have your staff 'race' from London to Istanbul

You can work as individuals or get together into teams.
There are multiple outcomes and a series of challenges across the way. It takes the average traveller/team an hour to get to the destination.

Up to 20 players

20 players, in as many teams as you like. You’ll be able to get started and playing right away!

Up to 50 players

Up to 50 players, in as many teams as you like, with personalised game elements to individuals or your company. 

Over 50 players

For larger games we’ll be able to help you personalise and tailor to your size. We can easily cope with any capacity of players. 

What to expect

You’re on a journey between London and Istanbul, completing tasks to move you onto the next destination  

  • On this journey there will be certain points where you’ll be given a choice that will directly affect your budget and timings. There are 8 possible outcomes so make your choices wisely!

  • The costs tracked are for travel and accommodation only unless food, drink or activities make up an important part of the journey

  • There will be an opportunity to earn money once during your journey

  • As you pass through different countries, you will learn about each of them through text, video, maps and more so make sure you pay attention and get ready to answer some questions and complete tasks
  • Your in-game-self doesn’t have a phone or access to the internet – but real-life-you sat playing it does! If there’s a specific place to find the answer, links will be provided but you can make it even more fun by trying to find the internet to find the answers for yourself! 

  • Also, if there is no link, picture or video provided, it might be because you’ve already read the information on your journey – so you may need to go back to find it! 

  • All answers should be answered in lowercase only